Interior Paint Finish Options

Have you been wondering what your interior paint finish options are? Once the professionals have painted the interior of your home, the next step will be applying the proper finish. You may be unsure of which type to choose if you aren’t too familiar with paint finishes and their functions. Here is a rundown of six paint finishes, along with a brief description of how and why to use them.

Flat Enamel for Bathrooms

Flat enamel is the perfect paint finish for bathrooms and hallways. It has a lusterless, durable surface and is best used in rooms that require occasional cleaning, such as guest bathrooms.

Semi-Gloss for Doors and Cabinets

Semi-gloss is most often used in kitchens and bathrooms, specifically for cabinets and doors. Because of its nice shine, it adds a beautiful texture to doors and cabinets. Semi-gloss is not over the top and remains subtly attractive.

The idea of a glossy finish is to shine and stand out. Glossy finish is extremely flashy and almost has a mirror-like quality. It is not used quite as often as other finishes, but it has become increasingly common for use with cabinets and furniture.

Satin Finish in Kitchens and Bedrooms

Satin finish is ideal for rooms that are usually occupied. Therefore, bedrooms and kitchens are the places you will commonly see this durable finish.

Matte Finish for Walls

Matte is a finish that does not reflect light, which means it can hide imperfections or bumps in walls. For this reason, it is the ideal finish for older or flawed interior walls.

Eggshell Finish for Bedrooms

Eggshell finish can handle cleaning quite well, which makes it perfect for bedrooms. It is not very shiny and looks quite a bit like a low-sheen eggshell, as its name suggests.

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