Lead Paint Dangers

There are many dangers of lead paint present in buildings built prior to 1978.  Lead paint was commonly used in residential painting across the country. The EPA estimates that lead-based paint was used in over 38 million American homes before it was made illegal. Its use became prohibited in 1978, but lead paint still remains to this day in many homes, both inside and outside. Lead is a toxic substance, and it’s important to recognize why you should hire a painting company to safely remove old paint.

Health Hazards

Lead is a toxin that can cause brain damage. Exposure to lead can lead to learning disabilities, damage the nervous system, and cause serious behavioral and cognitive complications. Children are especially at risk for these effects, but lead exposure is also dangerous for adults.

Risks of Exposure 

Exposure to lead is most often due to lead dust. Although dust can be created inadvertently by sanding or painting the home, it can also accumulate over time as tiny particles of decaying lead paint or lead-contaminated soil are tracked into the home. This contaminated dust can easily settle on surfaces and be transferred to hands. Children are sometimes exposed to lead by consuming lead-contaminated paint chips or soil.

Protective Measures

Try to keep dust out of the home by wiping and cleaning window sills, floors, shelves, and other surfaces that accumulate dust particles. Wipe off shoes when entering the home, and make sure everyone washes their hands regularly. For younger children, frequently clean bottles, favorite toys, and pacifiers. Lead dust is usually invisible, so it could be there even if it looks clean.

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