When To Call A Professional Painter?

Our customers and friends always ask us: when to call a professional painter?  We love it when homeowners take an active role in their home’s maintenance! Learning how to keep your home in good repair is an essential part of home-ownership.

Refreshing your interior and exterior paint is an important part of maintaining your home. After all, paint does a lot more than make a space look pretty! Paint acts as a protective barrier for your walls, trim, and doors, and exterior paint works doubly hard to defend those surfaces from the elements.

Because paint plays such an important role in protecting one of your biggest investments, we recommend regular touch ups and repainting.  In addition, applying a fresh color as your decorating tastes evolve. We also recommend that before committing to tackling these updates yourself you ask yourself whether this particular job is better handled by a professional painter.

When to Hire a Professional Painter

Painting seems easy enough, right? Just grab a can of paint and a brush and get to work.

You might want to slow down for a second though.

The trouble is that every painting project is a little different.  Below is a list of scenarios when it might be best to enlist the help of a professional.

Big Projects

Painting your home’s exterior, repainting all your trim and doors, or changing the color in multiple rooms at once are time consuming projects. No one likes to live in chaos and sometimes you simply don’t have the extra time to do a project.

Jobs That Require Significant Prep Work

If your surface has major dents, holes, crumbling drywall, or sections that need replacing – prep work is key. Proper surface preparation can be time consuming and messy. A trained professional, experienced in those repairs will be able to complete this stage of the process more efficiently.  And more successfully than the average homeowner.  My father Sam always told me: “painting is the easy part – getting all surfaces ready for painting is where we excel!”

Painting That Requires Ladders or Scaffolding

Any painting job that requires climbing high ladders or operating special equipment is best left to the professionals. Practicing proper ladder safety is incredibly important to avoid injury. Unless you’ve been trained to safely use this equipment.  We strongly recommend hiring a high-quality painting company whose employees will follow best practices.

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