Professional Painters

Hiring a Professional Painter to Refresh Your Home’s Aging Facade

Things To Look for

What are some things to think about when hiring a professional painter? It’s hard to love a home that looks drab and dated. Fortunately, a professional painting contractor can give your home an attractive makeover. The following specialties of The Painting Group can help your home look like new again:

  • Renewed Curb Appeal: Nothing lifts a home’s exterior like a fresh coat of paint. Homeowners who enjoy their existing color can have the same shade renewed, as professional painting contractors have numerous strategies for color matching. If you want your home to exhibit a more striking transformation, our experts can offer tips on choosing the colors that best fit your home.
  • Eye-Catching Accents: A new coat of paint isn’t the only way to enhance your home’s exterior—striking; high-contrast accents are a great alternative to painting your whole house. For example, a bold trim color adds extra dimension to your home’s appearance. Consider a tone that pops against your home or one that matches a current deck or window trim.
  • Exterior Power Wash: Your home may simply need a bit of cleaning to bring out its true beauty. The Painting Group & Renovation’s full-service pressure washing can help remove the dirt and debris dulling your exterior. Refresh driveways, porches, decks, and patios quickly with the help of our efficient cleaning methods.
  • Carpentry Touch-Ups: Wooden decks, trim, window frames, and porches all wear down over time. Unfortunately, even a fresh coat of paint can’t cover every surface imperfection—that’s where The Painting Group & Renovation’s carpentry repair services come in. Return your exterior wood fixtures to their former glory by employing our woodworking specialists.

The key to a revitalized home exterior is hiring experienced professionals, so get in touch with The Painting Group & Renovation today by calling (770) 599-2297. Visit us online to find out how you can get 10% off any exterior project.