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Picking Exterior House Colors

Your home is your most significant investment, and making big changes to it can lead to unease.  Picking exterior house colors is one of those big changes.  You want your house to look and feel beautiful. And there are so many paint colors out there that it can be a daunting task. We here at The Painting Group & Renovation want to help you get started, here is a quick guide to exterior home colors and how to choose the best paint colors for a house:

What Colors Should You Choose?

We get asked this all the time: how many colors do I need? When thinking about the exterior of your home, you really need three paint colors: the main “body” color, a trim color for soffits/casings/fascia/windows/doors, and an accent color for doors and shutters. Let your field and trim colors work in tandem but in contrast. It’s best to choose a light field color and darker trim color or vice versa. Feel free to be creative and adventurous with your accent color, but don’t take a bright color too far. You also want to ensure the paint finishes are different between the body color and trim/accent colors. For example, a FLAT/SATIN or SATIN/GLOSS scheme.

What Exterior Features Should You Work With?

The best colors for the exterior of your home should be based on the home’s exterior features such as: driveways, pathways, stonework, shingles, tiles, etc. These features are the most expensive to change. Search among these hard-to-change features for warm or cool undertones, and then work to complement those existing shades. Cool colors include blues and grays, while warmer colors will be beige, khaki or tend toward other browns.

Does Curb Appeal Matter?

It’s important to consider whether your home is set back a distance from the street or set right near it. It’s also important to consider how much cover you get from trees around your home, or how much natural light you get in a treeless yard. If your home is set back off the street and surrounded by trees, you may want to choose a lighter, brighter color to help your home stand out.

These are just a few tips to think about when choosing to paint your home. Ask your local painting professional for other tips or recommendations. Painting your home is a big investment and getting it done right is of upmost importance. And remember, painting is the easy part. Proper washing/cleaning, repairs, and prep work are the hard parts. Schedule a free appointment with us today and let us earn your business!