Painting Tips for Home Resale

Today’s post will include some painting tips for home resale.  Summer is the season for buying and selling real estate. Odds are that when you take the dog for a walk or drive through your metro Atalanta neighborhood, you may notice a few “for sale” signs.  If you are planning to sell your home you have been spending this spring frantically preparing your own home to hit the market.

We know that buying and selling your home is a lot of work and the idea of staging your space may have your stress levels through the roof. Your to-do list may be long, but fear not, we can help cross things off in a short order.

Our highly-trained team of painters is here to help get you market-ready with everything from professional paint color consultation to exterior house painting.

Walk Through

Odds are that you only have so much time and money to get your home market-ready. Before you start frantically staging your space or contemplating repainting every wall, consult with your realtor. They will know what buyers are looking for in your area and are far more reliable when it comes to interior design ideas than whatever you heard on your favorite home decor show.

Kitchen Face Lift

It is a well established fact that kitchens sell houses, but few sellers are willing to put in a brand new kitchen just before moving out. Split the difference by painting kitchen cabinets, as long as they are in good shape, and replacing your dated hardware with a newer, modern look. Using coordianting color schemes between counters, cabinetry, appliances, and back splashes is very important.

Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral paint colors sell houses, because they clear out your personality and allow your potential buyer to envision themselves in your space. A cohesive, well chosen paint color scheme will enhance your square footage and give your home that modern, put-together vibe that buyers are looking for.

Fear not, you probably do not have to repaint every surface in your home. Put your time and energy into the most-used and sought after spaces such as the wall paint in your kitchen and bathrooms. After that, focus your efforts on covering any paint colors that may be too unique or bright for the everyday buyer.

Touch Ups, Add Up

One of the best things you can do as you prepare your home for resale is to touch up any scuffs or damage to your home’s wall paint or trim. Then, make simple changes such as power washing your home’s exterior or adding a bright new paint color to your front door. Contact us today for a free estimate to tackle one of these projects for you.  You are not alone!

Simply put, you do not have to walk the home resale road on your own. Our family of painters are here to help with everything from painting kitchen cabinets to color selection. One phone call will have your metro Atlanta home ready to sell.