House Painting Tips

Here are some general house painting tips and recommendations that we would like to share

How do I know when it is time to repaint the exterior of my home?

In GA, specifically in the Atlanta area, exterior painting should occur every 5 to 7 years on average. There are a number of things you can do to elongate the quality of the exterior home paint job (including pressure washing every two years, etc). Here are a few major things to look for:

– Rotten wood along the trimming of the home
– Cracked caulking around trimming and siding joints
– Heavy mildew growth in certain areas
– Moderate/severe color fading along the surfaces of the house
– Water leaking along windows/doors

What are faux finishes and what can they do for the overall feel of my home?

Faux finishes/painting describes a broad spectrum of different designs and textures used to “paint” onto a surface. These textures can range from a simple “marble” texture to more extravagant custom textures. For overall feel of the home, this can make any room more elegant. Lots of homeowners use these types of finishes in dining rooms, livings rooms, or “accent rooms”.

Does the price of the paint really correlate to the quality of the paint job?

There are many types/qualities of paints. Every project is different. However, the quality of the paint is only 50% of the quality of the overall paint job. The skill level of the labor and the preparation techniques (wood, drywall repairs, cleanliness of surfaces etc) are very important for overall job quality.

With so many choices, how do I choose a color for the exterior of my home?

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration for exterior color selections. Here are a few:

– If you live in a community where an HOA is present, then you need to consult with them prior to color selection.
– Choosing a neutral color for the exterior of your home is recommended. This will ensure, if the house will be eventually sold, that potential buyers will not request a house repaint.
– Darker colors on the larger surface areas (stucco, siding, etc) retain heat and could slightly increase energy costs. This could also accelerate color fading of these colors, especially with a home that gets hit hard with the sun.
– More often than not, designers and homeowners choose a white/lighter color on the wooden trimming and darker color (in same/similar color family) on the body of the house.

How does the process work? Will you scrap off my old paint before painting or simply paint over?

Painting contractors should always remove older peeling paint prior to applying a primer/finish coat on top of surface. However, it is not recommended and not beneficial, to remove paint that is securely adhered to the painted surface prior to painting. Simply cleaning the surface and applying paint on top will be sufficient.