Exterior Painting Preparation Tips

We get asked a lot of questions about exterior painting preparation tips. There’s nothing like a vibrant, fresh coat of paint to enhance the appearance of your home. A clean, new coat of paint looks great, even if you’re simply replacing the old color or style with the same type. In many cases, repainting begins with stripping off the old layer in preparation. That smooth, newly repainted look depends on having a smooth, prepared surface to start from. Here are some situations in which old paint needs to be stripped off:

  • Peeling Paint
    If it has been a very long time since the structure was painted, it’s likely that some of the old paint will be peeling. In some cases, peeling may be severe, but even minor peeling should be thoroughly stripped and smoothed before repainting begins. As any painting contractor will tell you, the uneven and unstable surface of peeling paint will undermine the quality and integrity of the fresh coat you put down.
  • Too Many Layers
    Sometimes it’s necessary to strip off old paint because successive layers of paint have obscured the material underneath. For example, if you want to see the texture of the siding on your house, the old layers may need to be scraped down and sanded before it becomes visible.
  • Houses Painted Before 1978
    Lead paint was banned in 1978, but many homes painted before then were never stripped of their original paint. It was especially common for contractors to use lead paint before 1950. Since then, researchers and consumers have learned that lead is toxic and should be taken off any house. It’s very important to remove this old paint properly before painting since lead dust is extremely dangerous.

Painting your home is a big job, and it’s important that the house be prepared beforehand to allow for many years of new, beautiful paint. The Painting Group, the most trusted painting contractor in Marietta, has received high praise for our professionalism and expertise. Call us today at (770) 599-2297 to learn more about our painting experience. You can also visit us online for details about the staining and painting services we offer for both residential and commercial buildings.