Choosing Bold Paint Colors

Need some tips on choosing bold paint colors? Are you looking for an easy way to change up your home’s decor? It’s imperative to hire a professional painting contractor to ensure proper use of paints and colors in your home or business. A professional paint job can make a huge difference, allowing you to change the atmosphere of a room. If you are looking for some tips on boldly painting your home without overdoing it, keep reading for some tips:

Keep Things Neutral

If you decide to use bold paint colors on your home’s walls, try to keep your furnishings and decor neutral. Incorporating metals, woods, and colors such as gray, cream, and beige will keep the focus on your walls and prevent visitors from feeling overwhelmed.

Use Bold Colors in Small Doses

Instead of painting an entire room tangerine or lime green, consider simply accenting the room with that color. You can do this by painting an accent wall a bold color or by painting only window trim, a fireplace, or the inset panels at the top of the room’s doors.

Let Rooms Flow

The color schemes and decorative themes of your rooms can be distinct from one another, but it is important that they still flow from room to room—otherwise, guests to your home will find moving from one place to another in your home to be disorienting. A professional painting company can help you determine whether or not your color plans for the rooms in your home will work together as a whole.

Consult a Painting Contractor

Color coordination is a science that takes time and energy to master. Even if you want to play an active role in painting your home, it is wise to consult a representative from a professional painting company to verify that the bold ideas you have in mind are vivid and lively without being overdone.

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